MOBILITY scooter users are calling for a crossing to be installed outside a city tunnel, which has been described as a 'nightmare' for disabled people.

Andy Mapp, a mobility scooter user, claims people do not use the path running through Worcester's Newtown Road tunnel because there is no dropped kerb on the Midland Road side.

Mr Mapp, who has had to use a mobility scooter for around 10 years, due to a collapsed lung, said: “Mobility scooters are forced to go down the road. It’s a real nightmare.

“A crossing or a dropped kerb [on the Midland Road side] would be ideal.

“It’s very intimidating and very dangerous going out on a mobility scooter. But it’s the only way many people can have any independence.”

Mr Mapp, aged 63, from Malvern, said mobility scooter users have to go into the road to get through the tunnel, unless they want to take a lengthy detour down Midland Road.

The Mappfest founder added that it would be helpful to have a map or a sat nav that shows the locations of dropped kerbs, for mobility scooter users.

Emily Bond, of Ronkswood, Worcester, had to use a mobility scooter after a string of back operations, with the latest taking place in 2014.

She said: "You can't take the pavement [through the tunnel] because you would be stuck on Midland Road.

"I've seen multiple people having to take the road to go into the city centre.

"If they put a decent crossing in, or a dropped kerb, people would be able to cross the road.

"Last week I saw someone on a mobility scooter having trouble getting onto the pavement by St Paul's Hostel.

"They must have gone through the tunnel. Various people went to try and help get them up."

The 34-year-old added that mobility scooter users often try and take the shortest route possible when leaving their homes, in order to preserve battery life.

The Worcester News published a video on its website last week showing a man driving his mobility scooter into oncoming traffic through the Newtown Road tunnel.

Some readers responded to the story by pointing out the fact that there is no dropped kerb on the Midland Road side of the tunnel.

Cllr Paul Denham, who represents the Rainbow Hill division, said he reported the Newtown Road tunnel access issue to the county council a few years ago.

He claims that the only response he received was that there were 'no easy answers' to the problem.

The county councillor has now picked up the matter once more and is hoping to find a solution.

County councillor Alan Amos, cabinet member for Worcestershire's roads, said: "We will be happy to liaise with Cllr Denham regarding the Midland Road crossing point to explore any potential solutions."