A FOOTPATH that was causing problems for a mum whose son was coming home from school caked in mud is set to be repaired.

The footpath just off Red Hill Lane was described as a ‘mud bath’ by the concerned mum.

She said: “The footpath is in regular use by hundreds of people each day: Nunnery Wood High School pupils, foot and bike commuters to Worcestershire Royal Hospital, County Hall, Worcester Sixth Form College, and dog walkers.

"As a parent of a child at Nunnery Wood High School, I am shocked and dismayed at the state of repair of the footpath which is little more than a mud bath littered with deep potholes.

"Every day I have to wash my son’s shoes, school trousers and coat, as despite ‘walking as carefully as possible’ he is literally caked in mud. If he cycles to school it’s even worse as mud is sprayed in every direction.”

A spokesman representing the land owner said: “Red Hill Lane, which runs down to Middle Battenhall Farm is a track in private ownership and registered as a Restricted Byway. It is not an adopted road.

"The public have a right to use it as it is a definitive right of way which people on foot or cycle can use.

"It is the county council’s responsibility as Highway Authority to maintain public rights of way such that they are capable of meeting the use that is made of them by ordinary traffic at all times of the year.

"The recent wet weather has created muddy conditions, especially at the lower section of the track.”

The land owner said they have now filled the potholes with four tonnes of gravel to help make it better for the public to use.

A spokesman for Worcestershire County Council said: “We are aware of residents’ concerns regarding the footpath between St Peter’s and Redhill Lane area of Worcester, and appreciate that is a well-used route for cyclists and pedestrians.

"Improvements to this route are being planned as part of our ongoing programme of works, and will begin in the next few weeks.”

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