TWO fast-food takeaways are facing council action in a row over rubbish overflowing from bins.

The Worcester News understands that Worcester City Council is considering warning Wokstar and Papa John's, in St John's, about their overflowing bins.

Councillor Richard Udall, who represents the area, uploaded a picture of the overflowing bins in Bush Walk on Monday.

However, Wokstar claimed the rubbish around the bins belonged to Papa John's - and said the situation was caused by a missed waste collection.

Papa John's agreed that the mess was caused by Biffa, which handles the business's waste, although it insisted that some of the bags outside the store were Wokstar's. 

Cllr Udall said Papa John's was fined for littering in September and warned that local residents have had enough of the mess.

The city councillor added: "They are not above the law. The bins are regularly overflowing and bags are spilling onto the street.

"People can't get past the bins, especially mobility scooters. The bags take up most of the footpath.

"There are rats around the bins. The bags are often left open and rubbish blows onto the street.

"The two businesses are going to be visited today [February 19] by the council's enforcement officers and potentially prosecuted.

"It's almost certain action will be taken. Residents are extremely angry over how they have been totally ignored by both establishments."

He added that the two businesses use one communal bin each.

Michael Bozward, manager of the Bush Inn, in Bush Walk, condemned the state of the bins, although he also sympathised with the businesses.

He said: "I've found it has been putting customers off coming into the pub. It's not ideal.

"[But] they don't have much choice over where to put the rubbish.

"In regards to hygiene, they can't store it inside, where they would be cooking. The buildings are very small.

"It's a bit of a 'damned if you do, damned if you don't'."

Mr Bozward, aged 26, said the bins have drawn in seagulls and pigeons, which feast on food waste in the bags.

He added that the council should speak to the outlets to try and find a solution.

The manager floated the idea of increasing the frequency of waste collections.

The Worcester News understands that the council may issue formal warnings to the businesses over the bins.

If these warnings are ignored it could ultimately result in the council taking court action against the two outlets.

A city council spokesman said: “We are investigating an issue relating to waste in Bush Walk.

"There are a range of powers available to us to deal with such matters.”

Aaron Berry, manager of Wokstar, said: “One of the bins is ours. We have separated it from the Papa John’s bin now. We don’t allow our rubbish to be left around the area.

“Biffa [a waste collection company] are responsible for collecting it twice a week and I’ve been told there was a large vehicle blocking access to the bins over the weekend.

“They weren’t able to make the collection. If they don’t collect on time, the rubbish builds up. The overflowing bags were from Papa John’s, we had to have words with them as it’s fly-tipping.”

Mr Berry said Biffa collects rubbish from both of the bins, however he said Wokstar put its excess bags in the back of the store.

He added that he understood why the council had to take enforcement action over the overflowing bins.

Jack Faizey, manager of Papa John’s, said: “We had no choice but to put them [the bags] to the side of the bins as Biffa wasn’t picking them up. We called them, they said it’s because one of their lorries broke down.”

Mr Faizey took full responsibility for the bags around the bins and apologised for any inconvenience.

He added that he had moved the business's bin back so that people on mobility scooters can get past. 

Biffa has been approached for comment. 

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