SIR – As an “ex-pat” I have never understood why the Faithful City has never utilised its historical assets to their full potential, as does York and Colchester etc.

Not that long ago, I campaigned through this publication from afar in an effort to preserve the the future of Elizabeth House, this historically priceless property which at that time was under threat, and advocated that it be put to good use, such as a tourist centre from where visitors to the city could visit other historical venues, many of which are within walking distance.

King Charles House, remnants of the old City Wall, the Commandery, cathedral, Fort Royal Hill and even Powick Bridge, given a bit of imagination, are all parts of the city’s rich historical interests and while most of this was overlooked, at least the house survived and received some external preservation.

I therefore salute the proposal made by Mr Douce that the interior should now also be renovated and the property opened up to the public who, incidentally, should be allowed to have a say in this matter and may be willing to contribute to such work (me included) as I believe that such a project could become self financing in due course and this historical gem put to far better use than storage for the Swan theatre.

Allan Kyte

Great Wyrley