“I WAS fined for parking in my own space,” says an angry resident after losing an appeal.

Tom Dennison, aged 29, had recently moved into his apartment in Diglis, Worcester when he was fined for parking his car in his designated space, despite having a permit.

Mr Dennison said: “I came down one morning from my apartment and realised my car had a yellow ticket on it. I knew straight away what it was. It is an absolute joke how I was fined for parking in my own car parking space.”

Mr Dennison claims he had not been supplied with a permit holder, therefore he had placed the permit on his dashboard to be visible.

He says that as he closed the car door, the permit must have accidentally slid down and was not in sight.

Mr Dennison said: “I had recently moved into the building and the parking permit I had been supplied with did not come with a permit holder. Upon closing the door to the car, the permit slipped out of view on the dashboard and I was subsequently fined.”

Mr Dennison contacted Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd, which monitors the area, to appeal the fine. He informed the company he holds a permit and it was present in the car.

Mr Dennison said: “I believe that the terms and conditions did mention that permits need to be on show, but given I own the parking space, it was an accident and the permit was present in the car and I was not supplied with a permit holder, I feel that this fine was severely unfair.

“My appeal was denied, and I was forced to pay the £60 fine.

"It’s theft – they are exploiting people for money. I was so annoyed – not only to be fined but the appeal procedure is frustrating.

"It is a kick in the teeth that my situation was acknowledged and they understood what had happened but my appeal was still denied.”

He added: “The company responded and told me that due to their terms and conditions it is not their responsibility that the permit was not in sight.”

The Worcester News contacted Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd for comment but nobody from the company responded.


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