A MAN from Worcester was found in possession of crack cocaine by police officers investigating his ‘disappearance’.

Officers were searching for Ryan Rogers, who had been reported as missing, when they made the discovery.

Rogers admitted possessing the drug when he appeared before magistrates in Worcester.

The court heard how Rogers, 46, had been reported missing on December 4 last year by his mother, with whom he has daily contact, after she had not heard from him that day.

Police officers visited Rogers’ Liverpool Road home in the early evening, where he greeted them, opened the door and let them in.

When the officers entered the house, they noticed none of the lights were on despite it being nearly dark outside, and they believed he appeared to be trying to get rid of something.

They also said he had appeared groggy when letting them in.

After turning on the lights, they noticed a small amount of white powder on his table, which Rogers admitted was cocaine before telling the officers he had taken £10 worth of the substance.

He was then taken to hospital for health checks before being taken into custody in Worcester where, in his interview, he said he had been a drug user all his life.

The court also heard how Rogers had 12 convictions for 87 offences dating back to the 1990s, his most previous conviction being for theft in 2012.

In Rogers’ defence, solicitor Ian Parsons said: “The amount of drugs found was very small, what was left of a single the remnants of a £10 wrap of cocaine.

"What the officers found were the dregs essentially.

“He has a long history of offences but most of that list happened long ago.

"This visit was not drug-related and they were not investigating him for drug offences.

“He has a history of drug use but since this incident he has not been using and he is not currently using now.”

Magistrates told Rogers to pay a total of £315 in fines and costs, and ordered the drugs to be destroyed.