Sir – RE “Dangerous” mobility scooter man criticised (February 15) – admittedly, he should have waited in line on his side of the road for the green light.

I can sympathise with this fellow (I have made this journey myself on my mobility scooter, albeit on the path).

There are no dropped kerbs at this end of Midland Road for him to cross safely. The alternative is to use precious battery life going all the way up Midland Road to Lea and Perrins/the school to cross over on the raised part of the road (sleeping policeman), to come all the way back down Midland Road just to get to the other side of the road.

An alternative route would be to cross at the lights at the bottom of Newtown Road, along Sherriff Street to the lights crossing at the bottom of Tolladine Road, down into Lowesmoor, round to Astwood Road, cross at the lights, down to the junction of Pheasant Street/Lowesmoor junction, along Pheasant Street, crossing at the zebra crossing at the Asda carpark, round and up Tallow Hill, crossing over at dropped kerbs, up to the lights by the hostel – just to get to the other side of the road at Midland Road.

By the time you do this the scooter battery would have died, or very little life left, to allow the user to do what they need to do in town AND get home, using the same route to get back home.

This dropped kerb issue was raised via Richard Udall to the Highways department – falling on deaf ears.

The safety of mobility scooter users is just as important as able bodied pedestrians and traffic.

If this “dangerous” activity is alarming, then maybe the Highways department could revisit this issue and simply put a feasible, much-needed crossing at that end of Midland Road – simple.

V Jakubek