Gwillams Farm Shop, in Bevere, Worcester, is an historic name in the area, and the land on which it stands has been worked by Mary and Neville Gwillam since 1963.

Mary, 80, and Neville, 79, moved to Bevere Green Farm in October 1963 and farmed the land until 1981 when the owner of the farm died and the couple bought the farm for themselves.

Looking back, Mary said: "Neville's brothers were not interested in buying the farm so we decided to take the bull by the horns and do it ourselves.

"Over time the selling of vegetable grew and grew. We started off selling beans wholesale but eventually there was a demand for pick-your-own strawberries too.

"It was purely by chance that we found a crop of potatoes in with the sugar beet harvest and people loved them. It was that that gave us the idea of being a farm shop."

There were some tough times for Mary and Neville, having to close down their fruit and veg stall in 1989 after difficulties supplying supermarkets. Until 1995 the pair kept on selling fruit on the wholesale market before opening again in 1995 as Gwillam's Farm Shop.

Mary said: "What has kept the shop going since then is quality.

"We make sure our food is fresh and always say to the girls in the shop 'if you wouldn't buy that yourself, don't sell it.'

"On top of that, we make sure everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and can talk to people as they come in

With the shop's 25th anniversary coming up in June this year, Mary and Neville now employ 14 staff including their sons Alan, Adrian and David.

Mary added: "The best thing overall is our customers, who have been so loyal over the years. When we closed down people would always tell me in the street how much they missed the fruit stall.

"It is incredible that I have seen people on holiday and we've recognised each other from years ago at the shop.

"It has been hard work over the years but we wouldn't change a thing."