SO this is it now, we are days away from finally learning what is going to happen with the shambles to beat all shambles - Brexit.

There are just 24 days left before the deadline. 24 days.

Some people always predicted this would happen, as other decisions have gone to the wire with the European Union, and in the world of politics its not uncommon.

But something as big as a withdrawal agreement for Britain leaving the EU being left to the last minute will seem like madness to many.

A reminder, the referendum was held in June 2016. That's over two years to avoid this, and yet here we are.

Sadly just when we have reached the crunch point, when something finally has to happen, many people have switched off.

I've lost count of the people who have said 'I'm bored of Brexit' and 'when will it end'. Maybe this was Prime Minister Theresa May's plan all along.

When constituents are telling their MP's up and down the country to end it and just get on with it, could that mean those who have voted against it will switch, and back her deal at the eleventh hour.

It would be the political miracle of all miracles for the PM and her government to get through a deal that will no doubt be basically the same one that looked dead in January, when it was defeated by a record margin of 230 MPs.

Nothing can be ruled out, as city MP and Brexit minister Robin Walker told this newspaper recently, he remains hopeful a coalition of support could yet get it through.

But I still suspect the most likely outcome is a defeat for the deal, and then we would surely be heading for an extension.

Why? Because if there isn't an extension, we would just leave with no deal - a scenario a majority seem to be against.

Although the Government has stepped up no deal preparations in recent months, you suspect we aren't ready for that.The whole no deal Brexit ferry contract being awarded to a firm with no ships saga proves that.

Whatever happens we are in for a bumpy ride and gripping scenes in the Commons in the coming weeks, that could even interest those who have been bored of Brexit.

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