Worcester News reporter Tom Banner was almost hit in a head-on crash on Saturday. Here, he writes about the experience.

While on the way home from Worcester late on Saturday night I was very nearly killed in a head-on collision with another car.

I was coming back via Ombersley on the A4133, a road which, if you have ever driven on before, you will know has virtually no-where to overtake other vehicles, being mainly curved and having very few straights on it.

As you can see from the video (Yes I am aware the date and time are wrong on my dashcam...) this thought clearly did not occur to the driver of the car following a lorry in the right hand lane, who decided they were going to overtake a lorry on a curve, coming downhill, and with me approaching.

I almost could not believe it when I saw the headlights of the car headed straight at me, the idea of being mere seconds away from being at best injured, at worst killed, suddenly kicked my reflexes into action and I swerved off the road to avoid the car.

The incident proved exactly why having a dashcam is becoming increasingly more useful. I was lucky that in this case there was no accident and did not have to make a claim, but if I had needed to and not had a camera, any claim would have been much harder to prove.

To the driver of the car, whoever you are, I say this: I was lucky on Saturday night that my reflexes were quick enough that I could swerve out of the way, but next time you try to do something like that, it might be someone whose reactions are not as good and cannot get out of the way, and you might just be responsible for injury, even death, to both them and yourself.

You may have been very busy, rushing to get somewhere, just a bad driver, or drunk, I do not know. But please make this a lesson to show some care behind the wheel.

Doing something as insanely dangerous as what you did on Saturday night could cost you your life, not to mention other motorists, pedestrians or animals unfortunate enough to be on the same road as you.

So if you are reading this, I hope you learn your lesson.