Sir – The Brexit ‘debate’ has taught us little, generating much hot air but little illumination. But it has thrown into sharp relief one incontrovertible truth. Our two-party system, and the electoral system that supports it, is no longer fit for purpose.

This whole sorry debacle was foisted upon us by a Tory party seeking to heal unbridgeable divisions between Europhiles and phobes.

Labour’s own divisions, the result of sharply contrasting world views, are so equally stark that it has utterly failed to provide a sustainable alternative.

Underpinned by no coherent and consistent philosophical foundation, the only glue that binds both these unholy coalitions is a self-regarding desire for power for the sake of it, from which no sustainable programme can emerge once power has been achieved.

As a nation, we have an emotional attachment to our institutions long after the conditions that led to their formation have passed. Rather than limping lamely on, we must now recognise the need for change.

The monoliths must give way to a truly representative democracy. It is time a voice were restored to all those with a stake in society – not just those with the loudest barks.

James P Ryan

Callow End