AN author from Malvern has teamed up with a publisher based in the town to release a "tongue-in-cheek science fiction" book.

Gordon Lockhart's book, The Great Malvern Paradox, published by Ink Hills, "explores, in a light-hearted way, some of the dilemmas facing philosophers".

Gordon is an academic author who taught and researched in electronics and communications engineering for many years before retiring.

Describing his book, he said: "Suppose you were to travel back in time and your grandfather was killed? If you really were a brain in a vat would you ever know it? Could a philosophical zombie be a normal human being yet have no consciousness?

 "These sort of questions are the weighty concern of the time travelling Experimental Philosophy Unit (EPU) whose members boldly research the mysteries of philosophy by experiment, aided by a full complement of brains in vats, Plato’s Caves, Evil Demons, Deities and zombies – all raring to go."

The Great Malvern Paradox is available via Amazon as an e-book and paperback. See

See for more on the publishing house, which is based in Malvern and was established by author Suz Korb