A COUNTY councillor heard from women who had overcome adversity and achieved their dreams at an event on International Women's Day.

Ceri Stalker celebrated the day with other women at Worcester's Warndon Community Centre on March 8.

She said: "I believe that it is very important to celebrate the achievements of women and this year is no exception.

"I was pleased to be able to be part of the event in my division and to meet some really strong and independent women, some of whom have overcome substantial adversity to assert themselves and fulfill their aspirations and potential.

"It is great to be able to hear about their future plans and to see them exuding confidence and in turn supporting other women on their journeys to fulfilment."

Attendees took part in arts and crafts and a choir.

The event was organised by Worcester Community Trust and the Joy Project, which helps women gain skills and confidence and is partially funded by taxpayers' cash from Cllr Stalker's divisional fund.

Cllr Stalker added: "Women helping women is a very powerful message that reflects the empathy and caring nature of women.

"Working with each other we can achieve so much and I am very lucky to meet so many lovely, friendly and empowering women as I go about my role as councillor."