THERE was clicking, clapping, swaying and so much positive energy involved. It was a real treat to see so many smiling faces and enthusiasm on a Wednesday morning. The pupils almost inspired me to join in but, with Storm Gareth hitting Worcestershire, I did not want to burden anybody with more rain.

While I was at the school, the children were singing You’ve Got a Friend in Me, from film Toy Story, which they will soon perform to the residents from the care home next door - the Fernhill House Care Home.

With only 33 pupils on roll at the primary school, the classroom sizes are small enabling teachers to understand the needs of each pupil and to tailor lessons for each individual learner.

Fiona Pessoa, who teaches Year 5 and 6, praised the pupils for their strong performance skills. This was demonstrated to me as three Year 6 pupils - Grace Lloyd, Millie Baymham and Abdu Ali - led an assembly.

The school follows a Christian ethos, with every teacher being a practising Christian. It was an interactive assembly which involved the children telling stories and re-enacting parts of the Bible. I witnessed the children acting out the The Last Supper, where Jesus Christ had His last meal with His disciples. Edible props were handed out representing the meaning of eating bread and drinking wine at the Passover service. Fruit juice was given out and Grace, aged 11, had brought in baked bread from home. The pupils confidently led an educational and engaging assembly without any assistance.

Millie Baymham, aged 10, said: “Mrs Pessoa makes learning fun and interesting. We enjoy learning about the Bible. She lets us discuss what we think about it and read out verses. Even the boring subjects are made fun in her lessons. We play games and do our lessons outside if it’s warm.”

Mrs Pessoa said: “Pupils have opportunities to develop their abilities and work on improving their weaknesses both academically, and in terms of character and spiritual development."

She added: “The children are happy. There are so many different mental health issues and children who struggle to find their identity. This school shapes and builds character and acts as a refuge from the issues of the modern world. We want every pupil to leave the school knowing who they are.”


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