COMPLAINTS made against a parish council chairman are being investigated.

Tempers flared at a meeting of Dodderhill Parish Council last week after it was revealed chairman Alyson Keane was under investigation – meaning any questions about a controversial planning application would not be answered.

Clerk Nick Farress informed councillors and residents that Wychavon District Council had received complaints regarding Cllr Keane’s “alleged involvement” in a plan for 33 homes in Chequers Lane.

Mr Farress said the complaint also related to the councillor’s “alleged conduct towards members of the village hall committee”.

“Whilst these complaints are being investigated, the chairman will not be making any further comments or answering questions in relation to these matters.

“Once the complaints have been investigated and outcomes reached, a further statement will be made at the time.”

Former councillor, Peter Evans, who has previously been vocal about “rumours” surrounding the housing plan, had brought a list of questions he wished the chairman to answer.

After the statement was read out, he stood up and said: “Goodnight. You won’t keep this quiet, you know. It’s going to be asked – the questions are going to be asked. I will be back.”

Councillor Doug Webb said: “We are not keeping it quiet, we’ve got to follow due process. We’ve been told we can’t discuss this during the investigation.

“Please don’t think that the debate has been cut down. It is because we legally cannot answer.”

Mr Evans said: “That’s probably a great advantage for you, tonight. You are probably well pleased that that is in place. I shall be here next month.”

At the February meeting, the parish council was accused of creating a “clash of interests” after displaying a notice asking people to put their name down for one of the new homes – with the plan not yet approved.

At the same meeting the council had agreed to recover £2,700 in expenses it believes it’s owed by the Village Hall Committee.

Cllr Keane said the committee broke a gentleman’s agreement in which the council would only pay fees “while they got themselves in order” following a handover period from a previous committee.

A spokesman for Wychavon District Council said: “We are following the standards procedure and it would be unfair of us to comment on this at this time.”