A YOUNG musician is releasing a new EP which will deal with the issue of mental health.

Ben Ramsay, 19, who records under the alias of The New Consistent, raised £50 for Maggs Day Centre at Christmas by selling copies of his single ‘3 years’.

Now he is releasing his first EP, Individual Social Accounts And Commentary, and said: “A lot of it is based around what I experience within my daily life. There’s not one running thread, it’s more about lots of different stories that I’ve felt a need to write about over the last year or so.

"There’s songs about love, falling out with your missus or your mates and even more personal ones about mental health. I thought it was important to include that last one, I hope it allows people to continue to talk so freely about it."

Ben said music is a good platform to discuss mental health.

“Music gives people a universal platform whereby people can feel more comfortable talking about it. That’s what I’ve found anyway, I think a lot of musicians are beginning to spread more awareness too, which helps kill of any stigma that still surrounds the issue.”

Ben, from Brickfields, who studied at Worcester Sixth Form College last year, added: “There’s a good mixture of different sounds (on this EP). I thought of this EP as a bit of a taster for people to find out what I can do. Also because I worked with Ozzy (from the band Swim Deep) on a few of the songs, he brought in different sounds that maybe I wouldn’t have looked at before, or had the skills to look at. There are some solid indie tracks, but also some tunes that branch out, maybe even borderline chill-hop, although I hate that phrase.”

The EP will be available on March 22. For details follow Ben on Twitter @tnewconsistent or Instagram @thenewconsistent.