A MODIFIED car meet up, scheduled to take place in the city this weekend, was diverted out of the county at the last minute.

The All-Mods organised event attracted a reported 600 car enthusiasts on Sunday (March 17) with a provisional meeting place of Elgar Retail Park, Worcester, pencilled in.

Legal & General, which owns the site, had already booked London-based UK Land Security, on a 12-hour contract, before the event was switched to the Rosebird Centre in Stratford.

Around 450 cars had filled the ERP car park on Blackpole Road during a meeting on January 13 – upsetting residents and councillors alike, mainly due to noise and feeling intimated.

L&G confirmed at the time it had not given permission for the event and would “investigate what other options are available to discourage further incidents”.

PC Lauren Hasted, of Warndon Safer Neighbourhood Team, said the event location changed at 4pm, just two hours before it was set to begin.

“They did not attempt to attend Worcester,” she said. “A dispersal was authorised so that we had the power to tell people to leave who acted in an inappropriate manner.

“The actual land owner employed a private security company who were in place with barriers to restrict access etcetera.”

An event attendee who is associated with All-Mods, but who did not wish to be named, said despite the group’s Facebook page stating the meeting place as ERP, it was “never happening in Worcester”.

“[It was] all a waste of money. [The] security firm came from London for a 4pm to 4am shift with dogs.

“That’s what always happens, the actual location is never put up until 4pm on the day.”

He continued: “The authorities have contact details for All-Mods, however I understand they then didn’t contact them to find out the location.”

L&G’s managing agents said: “We are pleased our joined up strategy with the police and council to prevent the gathering was successful and the evening passed without incident.

“We are continuing to liaise with both parties to put in place more long term measures to prevent future meetings and ensure at all times, the safety and welfare of customers and local residents are a priority.”

Jonathan Chatfield, director of Burlington Group, who contracted the security firm, said he was pleased there were no unsavoury incidents at ERP.

He said despite the event being moved, “several cars did turn up” and “we were there to make sure people were safe”.