A PLAN to move a football team’s much-criticised storage unit out of sight has been submitted to the council.

A storage container owned by Perdiswell Colt Football Club's was called “tatty” and “atrocious” by some leading councillors on the planning committee in January which has forced the club to submit a new plan.

The club has reconsidered its plans having had the application refused by the city council’s planning committee and has agreed to reposition the unit further away from Bilford Road and nearer to the team’s clubhouse.

The football team has also said it would paint the storage unit green to camouflage it and fit an alarm.

The blue storage container owned by the team currently sits on the south west corner of Bilford Road and Droitwich Road where the team plays which led to several complaints from neighbours and one of the ward councillors.

At the planning meeting, Cllr Gareth Jones, who represents St Stephen’s ward, objected to the plan, called it “unsightly” and demanded it be moved to somewhere else on the field.

A number of residents in Bilford Road had also objected to the plan calling it “monstrous” and said they should have been consulted before the team moved the container onto the field.

In the original application, Mike Stephenson, design out crime officer for West Mercia Police, said he would prefer for the container to stay in its current location and has raised no objections to the new plan.

The storage unit was purchased in response to the growth of the football team.

The club, which runs 15 junior and senior teams and trains more than 180 children, hopes to eventually lease the land directly from Tudor Grange School giving the club sole responsibility for the site.