A STALKER was thrown out of a courtroom after a failed bid to overturn a restraining order.

While listening to the prosecution’s case, Shawn Smith said ‘can I go relieve myself so I don’t have to hear this [expletive]’, before walking out.

Smith then returned to the courtroom and apologised for his ‘weak bladder’.

The 52-year-old was later escorted out of the room by a security officer after responding angrily to the magistrates’ decision to uphold his restraining order.

Shafquat Reaz, prosecuting, said: “He had been in a relationship for around six years on-and-off with the complainant Judy Ballard.

“At 1pm she had been at the Old Greyhound. 30 minutes later while she was sat at the entrance she saw a male, Mr Smith, entering Reindeer Court entrance.

“She rushed out of the pub onto New Street. He followed her and had been catching up with her before she went into a shop and called the police.”

The court heard that Smith, who was seen in front of the pub asking Miss Ballard to shake his hand, was later arrested.

The incident happened on January 3 and Smith was handed a restraining order on January 4.

However, Miss Ballard, asked for the order to be revoked at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday.

The 51-year-old, of Ash Avenue, Worcester, said she initially asked for the order because she thought Smith had damaged her property.

However, she claims a friend had since told her that he was not responsible for the incident, which never came before a court.

She added: “I recently found out it wasn’t Shawn, it couldn’t have been him. At the time he was elsewhere.

“That’s from his brother’s wife. She said he was at their property, so he couldn’t have been at mine. I don’t believe it was him. He was released without charge.

“Without that order there’s no worries. We will be able to speak to each other on the street.”

Miss Ballard insisted that no-one had put pressure on her to apply for the revocation of the order.

She also questioned Smith’s stalking conviction, claiming he had simply tried to shake her hand.

Smith, who asked to speak in court, said he had never been violent towards Miss Ballard, adding: “The only reason I pleaded guilty to stalking was because I was advised by a solicitor to plead guilty or I’d be remanded.” However, magistrates decided to uphold the order. Reacting to the decision, Smith of Ombersley Street West, in Droitwich, said: “I can’t see my grandchildren for another 12 months, is that what you are saying?”

Magistrates warned Smith that he could be taken down to the cells and he was then escorted out of the courtroom.