A TEACHING assistant described as “like a mother to the students she works with” has been nominated in the Worcestershire Education Awards.

Vicky Robinson, who works at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Evesham, has been nominated for the Support Staff of the Year award.

Her nomination from the school said: “Vicky is an excellent teaching assistant who works tirelessly to support the year six pupils. She supports their learning and helps prepare them to move onto high school. She also works with small groups to prepare them for SATS and is constantly reassuring the pupils.

“She is like a mother to them supporting them emotionally. She is always happy and friendly and nothing is too much trouble.”

Mrs Robinson, 45, has been at the school for 10 years, and says her job goes beyond teaching, adding: “My job is about providing support in class to pupils but also being someone who they can turn to if they have trouble at home or are struggling in school.

“A person is like a jigsaw puzzle and the teaching in lessons and the support outside lessons are like pieces of that puzzle.

“Our job is to put those pieces together so pupils can have the best experience of school as possible.

“It really is a team effort here and everyone works together to get the best results.”

As well as being a TA, Vicky has also been chair of the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association for seven years and has raised thousands of pounds for the school, organised many events for the parents and children and liaises with local businesses who donate to the school every year.

The deadline for nominations for education awards is April 18. Winners are announced at a ceremony on June 20.