A TRAIN operator has announced that customers can claim compensation if their journey is delayed by more than 15 minutes for any reason.

Great Western Railway, which runs a number of services in Worcestershire, is introducing the Delay Repay scheme from April 1.

Passengers delayed between 15 and 29 minutes will be able to claim back compensation worth 25 per cent of the single fare and this will rise incrementally to 100 per cent of the full fare for longer delays.

Talks between GWR and the Department for Transport about extending the scheme to season ticket holders are ongoing but for now passengers holding monthly or longer season tickets will remain on the current compensation scheme.

Mid Worcestershire MP Nigel  Huddleston said: “One of the issues raised most frequently with me by constituents about GWR is the complexity of the compensation scheme so I am sure the introduction of this new system will be welcome."

He added: "There is still more work to be done to ensure that GWR passengers are getting the reliable services that they deserve but ensuring that people can be compensated quickly and fairly when things go wrong is a step in the right direction.”