THE last two acres of a former city park and ride site are still likely to be put up for sale by the council but a final decision is yet to be made.

Worcester City Council's policy and resources committee all backed the plan for the former park and ride site in Perdiswell to be put on the market but a previous agreement has meant a final decision must be made by all councillors.

A council motion in 2016 took the final decision over what would happen with land at the site in John Comyn Drive off Droitwich Road away from council committees and into the hands of the full council.

Whilst most of the discussion over the former park and ride site was held in private, Councillor Louis Stephen, chairman of the council's policy and resources committee, said there was unanimous support to put the land up for sale.

He said: "It is land that has been deemed surplus to requirement by the council and obviously we need to maximise the return on the land we have got."

Cllr Stephen could not give an estimate on how much the council expects to gain from the land and said the committee's approval was "just the start" of the marketing exercise.

A report, discussed by the committee, said there were no known obvious constraints to building on the site.

The council had already asked consultants Fisher German to carry out 'soft' marketing of the site to look for informal interest.

Whilst the council is not prepared to reveal the results of the report, it said a clear interest had been shown in the site for a variety of purposes.

Based on feedback, the council expects to receive a "significant" amount of money through its sale but no concrete amount has been assumed in any of the council's planning.

Whilst the site is vacant, the council is responsible for security and ongoing business rates.

The rateable value of land has not been reassessed following the sale of part of the site for the new primary school but is estimated to be around £12,000 a year.