THE former captain of Worcester City Football Club was caught drink driving while moving his car onto his driveway after getting a taxi home, a court heard.

Bradley Birch, aged 27, said he was less than a hundred yards from his property when he was pulled over.

He had been released from police custody just before the offence took place - and had been advised that he was over the limit.

Birch, who was defending himself, said: “I got a taxi to the lane. I drove no more than a hundred yards. It was in the early hours of the morning. I wanted to put the car safely on the drive...because there’s been so many issues around there. I didn’t think anyone would be in danger.”

Birch, of Goldcrest Way, Droitwich, pleaded with the magistrates to allow him to keep his licence, claiming his livelihood depended on it and that he had a mortgage to pay.

He also said he did not believe he was over the limit.

The defendant handed a character reference to the magistrates and also said he had a letter showing that he took a taxi home.

Shafquat Reaz, prosecuting, said the defendant was in police custody for a separate matter, which did not result in any charges, before his drink driving offence.

The court heard that officers advised him he would likely be over the limit when he was released - as he had been drinking.

Mr Reaz added: “He gave them assurances that he would get a taxi. That’s why they parked their vehicle by his address.”

Birch pleaded guilty to drink driving in his silver Range Rover in Goldcrest Way on February 25.

He had a reading of 64 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

Worcester Magistrates Court banned him from driving for 17 months and told him to pay a £450 fine, £135 in costs and a £45 victim surcharge, on March 14.

The defendant shook his head as the disqualification was announced.

He said: "I won't have a job now from this day onwards."

The magistrates said they considered whether there were 'special reasons' not to disqualify the defendant, however they decided that the ban was justified as he had been advised not to drive by the police.

They argued that this cancelled out the short distance that Birch drove, while under the influence.