WORCESTER’S parliamentary candidate for the Green Party said the people who attended Saturday's Brexit march were fighting to give “informed consent” on the final deal.

City councillor Louis Stephen was one of hundreds of thousands of people to march on Parliament as part of the ‘Put It To The People’ campaign.

Protesters carrying EU flags and placards called for any Brexit deal be put to another public vote, as MPs search for a way out of the impasse.

Cllr Stephen travelled on one of eight coaches organised by Worcestershire For Europe – four more than the march last October.

He told the Worcester News, Westminster MPs are “making a mess” of the negotiations.

“Theresa May has negotiated a deal that she can’t get MPs to vote for,” he continued.

“The referendum was quite close, 52 to 48, yet Theresa May has not tried to find a way to bring the country together.

“She has negotiated one of the most extreme versions of Brexit – no FOM, no customs union, no single market. The effect on businesses will be catastrophic.”

He went on to say, the Prime Minister has had three years to get her deal through, but has “wasted time, then run down the clock and now she just appears desperate and weak”.

“We need to let the British people have the final say, to break the logjam at Westminster we need to put the deal back to the people.”

The councillor said he understands the point of view of those who voted to leave, but said “it was very close” and senior politicians “lied” about £350million being freed up for the NHS.

“What were we voting for? Norway, Switzerland, a soft Brexit, a Hard Brexit?” he said.

“Now we know what the deal is we can put the actual deal back to the people – this time it will be informed consent.”