A POSTER mocking a leading Brexiteer for hypocrisy has appeared in Worcester.

The anonymous campaign group Led By Donkeys is responsible for the billboard in Bromyard Road, Worcester.

The poster pokes fun at former Brexit secretary David Davis for his opposition to a second referendum, despite previously insisting that democracies can change their minds.

Worcestershire For Europe chairman Stuart Thomson said: "The Davis quote is so apt at a time - three years after the vote - when the country knows so much more about the consequences of Brexit than we did in 2016. It is only to be expected that many have changed their minds."

Worcestershire For Europe said the poster went up on March 20.

The pro-EU group organised 12 coaches to ferry protesters from Worcestershire to London for the People's Vote march on Saturday.

Mr Thomson added: "It was very special to be a part of this country’s biggest ever protest with well over one million people travelling to London to demand a vote on Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement."

The Prime Minister previously said a new referendum would deepen divisions and mistrust.