A NEW sign has been set up at a ‘dangerous’ city turning in a bid to prevent a potentially fatal accident.

County councillor Paul Denham said there had been a long-standing problem with cars turning right onto Wyld’s Lane, Worcester, from Sidbury.

He said there have been numerous near-misses between cars and pedestrians over the years.

However, the councillor has welcomed the installation of a new, larger sign, informing drivers not to turn right onto the road.

He said: “It’s very dangerous because pedestrians aren’t expecting to see traffic coming from that direction.

“When crossing from China City to the Thai On 7evern you are able to see traffic coming from Sidbury but not from behind.

“The county council has now decided to try out a larger no-right-turn sign. It’s about twice as big as the normal sign. People can see it more easily now so they have no excuse.

“It should reduce the problem.”

The councillor urged drivers not to ignore the sign, warning that there could be a fatal accident if the near-misses at the junction continue.

He added: “I’d like to urge motorists to please be sensible and respect the signage that is there, for public safety. It’s completely illegal to ignore a no right turn sign.

“If people are waiting at the junction to turn right it can also hold up traffic coming into town, from the London Road direction.”

Cllr Denham has raised the issue with the county council several times in recent years. He added that police officers previously carried out monitoring exercises at the junction and apparently issued penalties to drivers.

The councillor said the idea of installing CCTV cameras at the site had been considered but was deemed too costly.