Is committee fit for purpose

SIR – Much discussion has arisen from the planning committee’s latest decision to allow 25 ‘affordable’ homes on yet another green field site in the heart of Worcester.

What is particularly worrying is the fact that the Labour representative for St John’s ward – Chris Cawthorne – has completely ignored the concerns of her constituents and voted against them.

Even with the fact that she knows this has made her unpopular it would appear the objections from residents still managed to fall on deaf ears.

Too often building applications are approved regardless of the objections and concerns from the general public especially from those whom are residents.

For too long now planning officers have allowed developers to plough ahead and destroy our treasured green spaces.

More needs – and must – be done to challenge this not simply putting amendment after amendment to the committee before the war of attrition comes to its inevitable end.

Moreover, simply saying that it is vital that we have more affordable housing demonstrates just how desperate some councillors and developers have become to justify controversial decisions.

Everybody knows that affordable really means unfordable. One might ask if is this committee is even fit for purpose? All they ever seem to do is vote in favour of development.

To the public it would appear that that absolutely nothing is safe from planning officers’ approval.

This raises serious concerns for the future of our green spaces in the city and its peripheries.