THE city's MP has hit out at the Speaker of the House of Commons for not tabling Brexit votes that 'people could have united around'.

Robin Walker, MP for Worcester, made the criticism after Parliament failed to pass any of the Brexit options that were proposed in the second round of indicative votes on Monday.

Mr Walker said: "He [John Bercow] is a very controversial speaker, some colleagues are calling for a challenge to him.

"He's very good at getting business in the house running, but I don't think he's balanced in his approach to things. I think he's put on record his own view that the referendum wasn't a good idea.

"We have seen over many debates he has not selected options that could have united the Conservative Party. He's not allowing the full debate to take place.

"I couldn't support any of the options on Monday, I think they all break key promises I made to the voters in Worcester."

Mr Walker said he could have supported part A of the Malthouse Plan in the first set of indicative votes.

This proposal involved the Prime Minister's Brexit deal with a technological fix to custom issues in Northern Ireland, however the Speaker did not pick part A of the plan to be voted on.

Mr Walker added that it would not be a good idea for the UK to leave the EU, on April 12, without a deal and said the country needs to secure a short technical extension until May 22.

He said he could understand the support for the customs union vote on Monday, which was backed by 273 MPs versus 276 against, however he warned it would not give the UK control over tariffs and quotas.

The MP added: "Once we left the EU they could do a deal and we would have no say in it whatsoever.

"Being in the customs union over the long term puts us at risk of bad deals being negotiated for us by the EU."

Mr Walker said the EU was open to further negotiations and he called on the bloc to offer a compromise on the backstop - to make it clear it would be a temporary measure.