A COUPLE claim they have problems getting to sleep because of the increasing amount of noise coming from a city centre club.

The residents said they can hear music coming from Bushwackers, in Trinity Street, Worcester, in the early hours of the morning.

They also complained about rowdy revellers shouting in the street and even damaging properties in the city centre.

A 55-year-old woman, who lives in St Nicholas Street, Worcester, said: “It’s getting worse and worse. We are hearing a lot more noise and bottles being smashed now.

“Bushwackers is a nightmare. You don’t want to hear bottles smashing at 4am. You can also hear music coming from Bushwackers when you’re in bed.

"I hear a little baby crying every night at 4am. The bottles smashing wakes them up. I know a woman who went round there in her pyjamas, her flat was shaking at about 3am. She said 'can you please turn the music down'.

“My partner has to put earplugs in. Sometimes I’ve had to come downstairs to sleep. I know it’s the city centre - but it’s stupid."

The resident, who did not want to be named, said some clubbers leave Bushwackers and scream and shout in the street.

She also claims that music emanates from the smoking area of the nightclub.

Her partner, who also asked for anonymity, said: “It’s really noisy right up to and often beyond 4am in the morning.

“I’ve had to get up at 4am to give police statements for windows being put through. A few months ago a massive window in the shop [Aladdin’s Cave] got put through.”

The resident added that police arrested a man following the incident, however he still thinks there should be more officers in the city centre at peak times.

City councillor Lynn Denham, who represents Cathedral ward, said locals can complain to Worcester City Council if they feel a club should improve its noise insulation.

Bushwackers is licensed to sell alcohol and play music until 4am, with a closing time of 4.30am.

The nightclub and West Mercia Police were unavailable for comment.