THE outdated laws of this country on divorce are finally been scrapped and it seems madness to me it has taken this long.

It is absolutely pathetic the law that one spouse has to allege adultery or unreasonable behaviour by the other for divorce proceedings to begin straight away, had not been changed decades ago.

I mean its the 21st century, how do we still have this outdated fault based divorce nonsense?

The law is only finally being changed after Broadway woman Tini Owens case was highlighted. Mrs Owens has been battling to divorce her husband of nearly 40 years, Hugh Owens, with the case going all the way to the Supreme Court, who rejected her appeal.

Throughout Mrs Owens had argued that her husband had behaved unreasonably and that the marriage had irretrievably broken down. But because Mr Owens was against the divorce, disagreeing with Mrs Owens and denying allegations made against him, appeal judges ruled in his favour.

Such was the farcical situation though judges along the way basically said their hands were tied and the couple had to remain married until 2020. Indeed one judge, Sir James Munby - the most senior family court judge in England and Wales - said of the case: "Parliament has decreed that it is not a ground for divorce that you find yourself in a wretchedly unhappy marriage, though some people may say it should be."

My view on marriage is it is one of those old institutions that, although not as important as it once was, still has value in today's society.

And I understand when people argue a marriage should be worked on, and a divorce not rushed into.

But figures from the Office for National Statistics in recent years has shown that the estimated percentage of marriages ending in divorce is around 40 per cent, with half of those expected to occur in the first 10 years of marriage.

I'd actually argue that in one way those figures are a good thing. No one should be forced to do something they don't want to do, and be in any relationship or marriage they don't want to be in when it has broken down.

This fault based nonsense though was causing further tension in any often already stressful situation - and if children are involved and get caught in the middle, this is obviously not a sensible law to still have.

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