CITY MP Robin Walker has warned no deal has not gone away, as the Prime Minister heads off to ask the European Union for a Brexit extension.

The default legal position is the UK will leave at 11pm on Friday but Prime Minister Theresa May is urging European leaders to back her request to delay Brexit again until June 30.

A summit is being held later today when all EU states will vote on an extension.

Meanwhile, cross-party talks between the Conservative and Labour parties, aimed at breaking the impasse, were continuing yesterday.

Robin Walker, a Brexit minister in the government, said: “I want the shortest possible extension, and for us to leave with a deal, and not take part in the European elections. People are saying we need to get on with it. The country has lost patience with the political class. I will vote for a deal when I have the chance to do so again.”

Mr Walker said that it was possible for the extension to be moved to the end of June and for the UK not to take part in those elections, but he said the EU were being more cautious, wanting to ensure Britain did take part.

Asked if Britain could still leave on a no deal on Friday, the MP said: “That risk has reduced now. But it has not gone away completely because every single member of the EU has to agree to the extension. There is a degree of risk, and I have been trying to ensure we are not adding to that risk. The only way the risk of no deal goes away completely is the extension, or a deal.”

Lynn Denham, Labour’s parliamentary candidate, said: “No deal really cannot be an option.

“Having heard Keir Starmer describe it (when he visited Worcester) the country is not organised for it. We cannot just crash out, it has to be planned.

“It seems an extension is the only sensible option. No one wanted to be in this particular situation, and in this chaos.”

Mrs Denham added it was a good sign the Prime Minister was now holding cross-party talks, but said they should have been held much earlier.

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