A BAN on pavement parking is being considered, based on a new inquiry being launched by a parliamentary committee.

The pavement is for people to walk on – not for drivers to park their cars. Understandably, it is sometimes difficult to find a spot to park – especially in Worcester where parking is a nightmare.

Cars parked on the pavement can cause a hindrance for pedestrians - such as parents with pushchairs, wheelchair users, vulnerable people with disabilities and the elderly - all who are forced into the road when a car is blocking their walkway.

A national inquiry by the parliamentary Transport Committee has been launched based on the problem of pavement parking and has said drivers could potentially be landed a £70 fine under the proposed ban.

Parking on the pavement has been illegal in London since 1974.

Chair of the Transport Committee, MP Lilian Greenwood said: “This is an area where some people’s actions cause real difficulties for others. Parking on pavements risks the safety of all groups of people from the littlest to the oldest, with differing needs.

“While we’re also inquiring into Active Travel – how we get more people to get into walking and cycling – we need to make sure it’s safe to take to the streets. We want to hear from the public about the difficulties this presents and the solutions on offer.”

In addition to the dangers and safety issues for pedestrians, surfaces on pavements are not designed to carry the heavy weight and pressure of a car.

This can lead to unnecessary costs of maintaining the kerbs and pathway which forces the council to foot the bill.

Pavement parking affects many of us. If this proposal is accepted, it will mean we will have to change our parking habits to avoid the hefty £70 fine.

Generally speaking, in any city across the country it is difficult to find a car parking space, which therefore forces individuals to park where they can.

Some roads in Worcester are simply too narrow to allow on-street parking. So, when there is already a parking issue in the city, will this create even more problems for drivers?


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