A DAD was relieved when he was woken up “naturally” after we published his claims he has been disrupted for months by builders turning on their loud machinery at 7am.

Lee Parkes spoke to the Worcester News about being woken up early every day by Taylor Wimpey builders working on the housing development site on The Shire in Fernhill Heath, near Worcester.

After our article was published, Mr Parkes, 50 said: “I woke up naturally this morning and not by that blessed machine which was a nice change. The builders started working after 8am. It was a relief and has taken away a bit of pressure.

“My wife was happy when we could not hear that horrendous noise. She was worried about what I was going to do. I have had to call in sick to work as it has been affecting my mental health and made really ill.”

We reported how Taylor Wimpey apologised for inconvenience and said they would remind contractors of their obligations over site working hours.

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Mr Parkes has said he will be contacting his solicitor regarding the issue after researching the Environmental Protection Act.

He believes Taylor Wimpey failed to meet the criteria in the application proposal, which states construction work on the site can only take place from 8am to 6pm. Wychavon District Council has opened an enforcement notice and says it will investigate.

Mr Parkes added: “It is only when things can damage a company’s reputation that they say sorry. They don’t care until it affects them.

“You cannot deprive someone of their garden and that is exactly what they were doing. The fact they placed their machinery so close where they could have set up further away and it would have had less impact on residents.”

The story prompted mixed opinions from the Worcester News readers.

Janet Rose Edwards said: “I’m with this gentleman all the way, I too live in the village, at times the noise is horrendous, and I don’t live so close as he.”

PiperPete said: “7am isn’t particularly early and 62db isn’t particularly noisy. Nothing going to bed an hour earlier and investing in some earplugs won’t solve. Get over it.”

Fancity said: “Get up at 6.30am and then they will not wake you up. They are just doing their job. I’m sure it’s not personal.”

SpaceBarIsBroken said: “It’s not rocket science to see that the hours of work are between 8am and 6pm. Why should he have to get up early?”


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