A DRUNK Worcester woman bit a paramedic and assaulted two security guards.

Melissa Barker, 48, pleaded guilty to a number of offences including assault by beating of an emergency worker and causing a nuisance/disturbance on NHS premises.

Prosecuting, Shafquat Reaz said: “On March 6, the defendant called the police stating that she had been assaulted. Police attended and found her in an intoxicated state. An ambulance was called and after assessments were made she was taken to Worcester Hospital to allow further assessments. She began to be abusive towards the emergency workers and also began to spit.”

The court heard that Barker bit Rachel Plumstead, a paramedic, on the thumb but no lasting injuries were caused.

Mr Reaz said: “On those dates the defendant was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital A&E via ambulance in an intoxicated state.”

The court heard a security guard who saw Barker having a vape cigarette approached her and told her to go outside. Mr Reaz said: “She became abusive towards the security guard, making threats.”

Barker walked out and picked up a 2ft sign, causing alarm to the people in the reception area. She then kicked out at a security guard, Mark Willmott, and punched him in the chest. The security guard, Andrew Prosser, then attended. Barker was also banging on a window and kicked a parked vehicle, and then picked up a wooden post and waved it in the air before assaulting Mr Prosser.

Katherine Maghereia, defending, said Barker has been formally diagnosed with autism and Asperger’s and said she is remorseful.

“She has been to the hospital to see one of the security guards to apologise, apparently the security guard took it in good grace, shook her hand and said, ‘it’s fine.’ "

Mrs Maghereia told the court that Barker has previously said: “I have a drink to cope with my anxiety and I go to a better place.”

Barker, of Hill Street in Worcester, was given probation orders, a suspended sentence and ordered to pay £290 including compensation of £75 for Miss Plumstead, £50 for Mr Willmott and £50 for Mr Prosser.

The case was heard at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday (April 4)