SIR – In his letter of April 10 (Denigration not helpful) A Cooper expressed concern that the criticism of both politicians and politics was dangerous. From this one can only conclude that he is satisfied with the current status quo.

 Unfortunately, unlike him, I have numerous negative experiences with politicians in each of the principal parties and this, coupled with an unfair voting system that allows MPs to be elected on the basis of a minority vote, has influenced my views.

 Interestingly, and more to the point, it appears that many MPs recognise that the majority of people are dissatisfied with their collective performance and believe that the trust between themselves and the people has been destroyed.

The only way this can be remedied is as a result of major changes to the present system.

 With regard to Robin Walker he once advised me and other financial supporters of 38 Degrees to “seek financial advice as to where better to invest their money”.

I had to remind him that as an individual I was perfectly entitled to spend my money how I wished and point out that I thought Conservative policy was to encourage an environment where people were free to do so.

Mike Levins