CHANGES to a second unpopular zebra crossing are being considered, it has been revealed.

A council highways boss said plans were in the pipeline to change the pedestrian crossing near Asda following a barrage of fresh criticism for the spot.

Residents have labelled the Pheasant Street crossing near the Asda Superstore “dangerous” and want it replaced with traffic lights.

The criticism comes after the crossing on Croft Road, between the Hive and racecourse, was removed on Wednesday as part of a £3.2million grant from the Department of Transport.

Worcestershire County Council hopes to improve congestion on the troublesome road, with a roundabout to be removed and other improvements to follow.

However, Worcester News readers now want council bosses to turn their attentions to the crossing on Pheasant Street.

Julie Giblen said it “causes really long tailbacks” and blamed it on “completely crazy planning”.

Beryl Hill said: “Please do the same at Asda next, because the people just assume you’ll stop, and you can’t see them coming because the bushes are in the way.”

City residents had previously dubbed the Croft Road crossing as the worst in Worcester, but TJ Cooper said the Pheasant Street one deserved the title due to the “amount of traffic up there because of it.”

“A foot bridge would be so much better,” she added.

In response, Jon Fraser, Worcestershire Highways, said: “Changes to the pedestrian crossing near Asda are being considered as part of improvement plans for the area. As soon as these plans are confirmed later this year, we will be sharing the information with residents and businesses.”