CUBS from 2nd Worcester Scout Group sharpened their pencils to write their own newspapers.

The youngsters from Green Pack researched, wrote and produced their own papers, which they showed to the Worcester News’s Alicia Kelly, when she visited the St Johns Scout Hut on Wednesday evening.

Arkala Lyn Carpenter said: “They have all worked together as a team to produce something of which they are proud.

“They wrote about their hobbies and their personal interests.

“It was something every child contributed to. They really benefited from doing it.”

The children, aged eight to 10, had written stories about science experiments, moving house and a missing boy. They had also created their own adverts, puzzles and a wordsearch.

The cubs said they enjoyed being reporters and hearing about their local newspaper.

James Williams said: “It took a long time to make our paper but I liked it because we could make it even better.”

At the meeting, our news editor, Alicia Kelly, spoke to the children about life at the Worcester News, how the paper was put together each day and what it means to be a journalist.

The children looked at the different elements of a newspaper article and discussed what they thought might make a good news story.

Afterwards, one of the cubs, Isobel Sweatman, said: “I didn’t know the front cover was called a splash!’

While another, Arthur Webb, said he wanted to be a footballer but might also consider a journalism job.

He said: “I wouldn’t mind being a journalist for football.”