THERE has been a mixed reaction from readers after volunteers for a charity that serves meals to homeless people were given parking tickets by ticket wardens.

The Worcester News has previously reported that volunteers from Worcester Street Cafe reacted with anger to the £70 fixed penalty notices they were given for being parked on double yellow lines.

The volunteers had been operating the street cafe in Copenhagen Street, near the old fire station, when the tickets were issued.

But Worcester City Council says wardens had asked volunteers to move their cars to a nearby car park before issuing the tickets. And a spokesman for the authority said in one case the request was refused and in another a vehicle had been left unattended in an illegally parked position.

After reading the story, Michaela Challoner said: "Sounds like a case for exercising some common sense.

"If the vehicles were not an obstruction during the short time they were parked, given the need to be able to access the food, etc from the car, a little leeway in enforcing parking restrictions would be sensible. "

Caitlin O'Callaghan said: "They knew they were in the wrong, were asked to move and refused.

"Being a volunteer doesn't make you exempt."

Martyn Buxton wrote: "Law's the law."

Steve Taylor said: "Spot on. There's not one law for them and one for everyone else."

Daniel White said: "Whilst I can appreciate the work these people do, if they are allowed to park on the restriction with impunity, does that mean I can as well? If they were asked to move, why didn't they?

But Wes Worrall said: "I believe a warning should’ve been issued.

"They are helping people - everyone just wants to slam people with fines."

Sy Adams said: "Yes they was in the wrong for parking there but on other hand was doing a good deed in their own hours and unpaid.

"So surely instead of being jobsworths just let it slide."

Lawrence Richard said: " Empty fire station, they were in the wrong but what a pointless penalty.

"Who were they harming?"

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