A MAN who was attacked and left with serious injuries has spoken out after receiving no compensation from the courts.

The Worcester News has previously reported how Keith Bowley, from Worcester, was attacked by Brennan Kilner in June last year while waiting to pick up a friend from Dent Close.

While waiting for his friend, Kilner approached Mr Bowley saying: “Do you want a smack?” Before punching him in the head.

The attack knocked Mr Bowley backwards and caused a fractured eye-socket and a twisted ankle, requiring several months of rehabilitation work.

Kilner, aged 20, of Bridge Street, pleaded guilty to wounding and inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent when he appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court.

The magistrates decided to send the case to crown court for sentencing in light of Kilner’s previous record, with eight previous convictions.

Kilner was sentenced at crown court in March to one year’s imprisonment for the attack, but was not ordered by the court to pay any compensation towards Mr Bowley, owing to the fact Kilner was “Not in a position to be reasonably able to afford to make any financial contribution.”

At the time of the attack, Mr Bowley, 55, was working as a workshop employee for a contractor in the area. Because his recovery took so long and he was in his probationary period, he lost his job, and Mr Bowley claims this has lost him around £6,000 in earnings from not having a job.

He said: “I was so disappointed with the result of this case.

“He has had a year inside and will probably be out in six for good behaviour.

“Meanwhile I have been out of a job, injured and lost lots of money over it. “I am now working as a package courier so this whole incident has forced me to completely change my career.”

Mr Bowley is appealing the decision and trying to claim compensation for his injuries through the official government scheme, but says he has been told this could take up to 12 months to arrange.

Speaking about trying to claim compensation, Mr Bowley added: “Why should you have to fight for compensation when something like this happens?”