PUPILS from the King’s School will take part in an international competition to showcase their automotive design skills.

A team of four 16-year-old pupils have worked on the miniature design car project for many months, fitting the work around their GCSE exams.

Teacher Eric Lummas said: “The pupils are a credit to themselves as well as the school and they have put so much effort in. They have to work to specific instructions - the design brief form alone is around 17 pages so we have to be careful on measurements and we keep remeasuring so we don’t lose points.”

Pupil Eric Cossan, aged 16, who is part of the team, said: "I’m looking at a career in aerospace engineering so this is a good learning process for me.”

Toby Weymouth, also aged 16, said on the team reaching the final: "It would be a huge thing to win but just reaching the final is a huge achievement for the team."

The event will take place on a purpose-built track, which will have water and rock hazards in addition to a rope bridge that will test the cars to their limits.

The event will be held at The Slate, Warwick Conferences on the University of Warwick Campus today.

Competitors will arrive from as far away as Brazil and Thailand.