A SHELTER says dogs that may appear sad or not very active can come out of their shell with the right attention and human connection.

Eva is one example of an animal with potential. Spencer Harris, community and events fundraiser at Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter, said: “Since coming to WARS through no fault of her own, Eva didn’t take well to a kennel environment and struggled to adapt straight away.

"Through a mixture of positive behaviour techniques, patience and a lot of care and attention, she slowly began to trust staff and volunteers. It was around this time that Hannah Selvester was thinking of adopting a rescue dog.

Hannah said: “I found Eva (formerly Faye) on a spontaneous trip to WARS one Sunday afternoon as we had been thinking about adopting a dog.

"As soon as I met her I fell in love, she was the only dog not barking and making a fuss, just quietly sat looking very helpless and scared.”

After spending time with Eva, they decided she was the right dog to join their family.

Hannah added: “The clincher was when we took her for a walk around the centre. She was so happy wagging her tail and flopping onto her back for belly rubs which she still does every day without fail now.”

Hannah added: “When I took her home she settled in straight away and quickly established her side of the bed!

"She was very timid and didn’t want to be left on her own but she soon learnt to relax.”

Now Eva is settled in at her new home.

Hannah said: “She loves human attention and always wants to be close to you, usually lying on her back with her legs in the air grinning.

"Eva is a very active dog, we used to run together and she has won medals in Canicross events, she loves to explore and we are often in the hills and mountains where she is in her element like a mountain goat.

"Every trig point we come to she has a picture stood on top, I have hundreds from all the different places we have been.

"Four years ago her little brother Bramble joined the pack and the two of them have a special bond and are always play fighting and wrestling.

"After a long walk she loves nothing more than to stretch out in front of the heater.

"She might be getting a bit older and grey around the muzzle but she definitely doesn’t act it.”