A SCHOOLBOY with ideas on how to help the homeless has been praised by a local MP.

Ewan Buchanan has been actively helping the city’s homeless, most recently by lobbying for lockers in the city where rough sleepers could safely store their belongings.

Worcester MP Robin Walker agreed to meet with Ewan and his parents to discuss the lockers concept among other ideas, after receiving a letter written by Ewan.

Although Mr Walker said he could not back the idea, he praised Ewan's initiative.

Mr Walker said: “I am keen to help people out of homelessness and creating an earlier intervention to prevent it, but these lockers may encourage the situation of people living on the streets where they are at risk.”

He added: “Ewan came into my surgery with several thoughts and ideas.

“It is great to meet someone so young that is interested in helping and supporting the cause."

Ewan, who is in year 8 at Nunnery Wood High School, has previously tried to help the homeless.

Last year he collected more than 150 Easter eggs from his year group at school, which he and his dad took to the Worcestershire Homeless Appeal soup kitchen as an Easter gift for homeless people and their families.

He's also handed out blankets, sleeping bags, clothing and food to people sleeping rough.

His mum Carly Buchanan, said: “He is passionate about helping. He thoroughly enjoys the experience. He chats to everyone and he really makes a difference to people by just being himself.”

She added: "Ewan also spoke to a man who loved reading, and as a result, Ewan now collects second hand books. He has set up a box in the Hive which is available for the homeless to take to read, as and when they wish.”

Ewan said: “I enjoy being there. I know I can’t do a lot, but I am making a difference and by being there, it makes me realise just how lucky I am.”