A CONVICTED child killer and paedophile pushed his partner down the stairs and broke her foot after accusing her of cheating on him.

Tyler Vallance of Bath Road, Worcester, appeared at Worcester Crown Court over videolink from prison after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm against his partner Linda Davidson who had not supported the prosecution. She appeared in the public gallery in support of him.

By committing the assault last September the 26-year-old was recalled on a nine year prison sentence for manslaughter and section 20 wounding, what his defence barrister Abigail Nixon described as a 'baby shaking case'.

Giles Nelson, prosecuting, said Vallance's partner rang the police after the assault on September 26 last year. They had argued because she was on the phone to someone. The prosecution described a 'background of jealously' and arguments.

Mr Nelson said: "She rang up the police saying she had been assaulted by her boyfriend, that he had pushed her down the stairs. In this instance they were at the top of the stairs. She described how she got pushed by him. She says she 'wasn't sure whether it was with one hand or two hands but he pushed me down that stairs and that's what caused the injury and caused me to phone the police'."

Mr Nelson said during the course of that 999 call Vallance could be heard making threats to 'stab' various people if they came near him.

The court heard how his partner's foot became very swollen after the push and there was a break to a bone in her foot. This was later identified as a break to the talus bone which required her to have an operation and to be kept in hospital.

The defendant was arrested at the scene and initially denied pushing her, claiming she tripped and then replied 'no comment' to questions put to him by police in interview.

"This is a complainant that did not support the prosecution and made a withdrawal statement" said Mr Nelson. The couple had been in a relationship since May 4, 2018 and had argued on 'a daily basis'.

Mr Nelson added: "It appears Mr Vallance was jealous, accusing her of cheating on him with people at work."

Vallance was jailed for nine years in December 2014 for the unlawful killing of his two-month old daughter, Isabella. We previously reported how a post mortem showed the child had a brain injury, eight broken ribs and two broken legs. Experts concluded that the injuries could be the result of violent shaking.

The injuries, described as something akin to a car crash, had been caused by fierce gripping or twisting by Vallance, who was subject to violent outbursts of temper when he had not taken his medication.

Vallance denied causing the injuries but eventually admitted on the day of his trial that he was guilty of wounding. Vallance also had a previous conviction in August, 2013 for sexual activity with a girl under 16. He served six months in a young offenders institution as a result.

Throughout the videolink hearing Vallance slumped forwards with his arms folded on the table in front of him. On one occasion he turned away from the judge so he was side-on to the camera and on another he put one of his feet up on the table.

Abigail Nixon, defending, said said her client had ADHD and various mental health difficulties and said the Crown had been determined to proceed with this matter based on the 999 call and the evidence of body warn camera footage.

Miss Nixon said: "It's brave to plead guilty to a matter where there's no complainant. One could argue that he has in fact served more than his sentence by the fact that he has been recalled for more than six months now."

She accepted he was on licence at the time but argued that the injuries his partner sustained were 'minor in the scale of this sort of offence', asking him to be given credit for his guilty plea at the earliest opportunity.

Recorder Edward Coke sentenced him to four months in prison but said the Crown Prosecution Service was right to continue with the case despite the victim not wanting to proceed with the matter.

However, he said he could not say what would happen with regard to Vallance's recall for the the other offences.