A MAN is appealing for witnesses to identify the driver who he says crashed into his parked car and failed to stop.

Jack Harrison, aged 28, parked his Nissan Juke outside his property in Tunnel Hill, Worcester, but later discovered it had been badly damaged in what he thinks is a hit and run.

Mr Harrison said: “A lot of damage has been done to my car. It only takes a few seconds to leave a note with their details. It has annoyed me as there is a complete lack of respect.”

Although nobody saw the crash take place, Mr Harrison said his neighbours heard a loud noise that sounded like a “bang” on Friday, April 12 at around 10.30pm.

Mr Harrison said: “Our assumption from the damage is that someone in a high-ride vehicle took the blind corner too quickly, almost collided with a vehicle coming up the hill and swerved into my vehicle - then drove off without leaving any note or contact details.

“I have picked up debris from the road and found material from the other car. It looks like plastics from the front of the vehicle and parts of their headlight.”

Mr Harrison claims it will put him at least £700 out-of-pocket from insurance excess. He is waiting to hear back from the garage with a cost for the repairs. However, he expects two car doors and the central pillar will need to be replaced on the passenger side.

He said: “I hope someone can come forward as a witness and tell me what happened. If we don’t find the person who is liable for this, it will cost me a large sum to repair my car.”

Anyone who saw anything is asked to call police on 101 quoting incident number 338N of April 13.


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