A CITY council candidate at the centre of a “sexist” Twitter row has admitted to ‘liking’ a hardcore pornographic image through an old account.

Andy Graham, Labour candidate for Warndon Parish North ward, has apologised after a pornographic image was found in his likes list, just weeks before he is due to stand for election.

After a different photo of a bare-breasted woman was liked from one of his accounts, rival candidate Nida Hussan yesterday called for him to be suspended by the Labour Party.

Mr Graham said he had been hacked and had reported the “breach” to Twitter before de-activating the account.

However, an older and still active account then surfaced, with a far more hardcore pornographic image in the likes list, and Mr Graham has now admitted he was responsible.

“I have been made aware of old Twitter accounts where two pornographic images had been ‘liked’,” he told the Worcester News.

“It is clear that the security of one of these accounts, which I have not used for over a year, has been compromised and I have reported that matter to Twitter.

“However, the activity on the other account was my own and I unreservedly apologise for any offence caused,” he added.

Mrs Hassan, of the Conservative Party, said on Monday: “These are not the actions of someone who should be elected a leader of our community.

“Objectifying women in this way is outdated and harmful.

“As a modern woman I thought such behaviour had been consigned to the past and to now find it expressed by someone seeking elected office is a huge shock.”

She went on to say: “Labour likes to portray themselves as a feminist party.

“If that has any truth, they need to take action against this candidate and suspend him.”

Mrs Hassan is also writing to all the women on Worcester City Council asking them to stand with her against such behaviour. The Warndon Parish North ward is also being contested on May 2 by the Green Party’s Jane Moorhouse, Lib Dems’ Sarah Murray and UKIP’s Chris Roberts.