A woman from Worcestershire is all set to start her solo charity cycle ride that will cover nearly 100 miles.

Louisa Summer, aged 49, who has autism, will ride in support of the National Autistic Society (NAS) a charity that “wants to create a society that works for autistic people”.

Ms Summer was diagnosed as a toddler with Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition on the autistic spectrum.

The condition results in cognitive impairment.

When her foster mum passed away in 2014, the charity provided the support she needed when she was at her lowest point.

She said:”I had to cope with day-to-day living without the support of mum who helps me a lot and I had to come to terms with my difference of being autistic, which I didn’t understand at the time very well.

“I looked on the internet and found NAS and I contacted them.

NAS have given me so much support with things like coming out of my comfort zone, to encourage me to try new things and to be more sociable.

“They’ve showed me a wider understanding of autism and coping strategies for everyday life.

Louisa said:”It will take three days to ride the route from Dawlish to Weymouth but I’m going to give myself an extra day as I think I might get chatting along the way and this will eat in to my schedule.

“I’m riding on my own and I’m taking just a backpack with very few clothes, energy bars and other items.

“My training for the ride is going well and I’ve put in the hours when the weather is good on the roads in Worcester.

After the ride comes to an end, Louisa will be met by family and friends and she will be presented to the Mayor of Weymouth, councillor Gill Taylor, in a short ceremony.

Louisa has a GoFundMe page at: https://bit.ly/2XhviEu