YOUNG hooligans are terrorising a city street, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to property.

Residents in Birch Avenue, off Tolladine Road, are at their wits end as youths as young as four are vandalising vehicles, kicking down fences and throwing stones, it has been claimed.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said he has been sent death threats after making complaints about the ‘gang’.

On Wednesday, a video was posted to Facebook page ‘The Only Way is Tolly’ showing around a dozen children being shouted at by a resident, before a woman runs in to defend them.

The children had reportedly “piled up a load of soil and rubble” on the man’s driveway and he had told them to remove it and then stay away from his property.

It is believed the children’s ages range from four to 10 years.

A resident who did not wish to be named due to fears of repercussions, said: “Over the few years I've lived here these kids have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to my property and vehicles.

“In the last week alone, I've had stuff drawn on my door. My car was vandalised. My housemate's van was vandalised. My friend’s van was spray painted. They kick holes in my fence.

“The first thing I do every day is check for nails under my tyres.

“Every day there’s something else – people screaming at their disobedient children, children throwing stones, vandalism.”

He continued: “The police either don’t have any power to do anything or they just don’t care.

“If I had any way out of the house and the area, I would have left years ago.”

He added that the youth issue was just one of the problems blighting Tolladine, with others including moped gangs, drugs and fighting.

He said the youth issue is “just one piece of a larger issue with antisocial behaviour in the area”.

However, writing on Facebook in response to the video, Chantel Kendrick defended the youths.

“People forget kids are kids these days, they aren't supposed to be perfect and I'm sure people have seen worse growing up in Tolladine over the years,” she said.

“They have to have a bit of respect, yes, and I know the parents are teaching the kids to respect people who respect them so if he shouts his mouth off and swears at them, they are going to swear back.

“Anyway, speak to the parents, don't go shouting abuse at the kids, it isn't fair. And as for the recording and slating people’s family and kids on here – that's low, no need for it.

“It’s playground behaviour, those poor kids,” she continued. “Some woman soaked those poor kids and thought it was funny. That's cruel, I don't care how bad they are, you don't do that. Would you want someone to behave like that with your children?” “What's this world coming too?” she added.

South Worcestershire Police were unavailable for comment.