A FRUSTRATED pensioner says her neighbour’s plant has grown “out of control” and has had to pay £200 for it to be trimmed down.

Maggie Orgee, 65, has been living at her property in Aconbury Close, Worcester, for 26 years and says her neighbour's leylandii has been an ongoing problem for over 10 years.

Mrs Orgee said: “It is really bad – the tree has grown out of control. I can’t stand it.”

Mrs Orgee claims the plant has grown so tall it has blocked sunlight from entering her house.

She added: “Bits of the plant falls into my garden and creates a big mess. I am constantly cleaning up after this plant. I am so fed up.

“From my bedroom window you can see clearly into his garden – you cannot step foot in his garden it is so over grown. He ignores the fact and thinks the problem will go away.

“It is terribly filthy his house and covered in ivy. You cannot even see his back window. His property has been horribly neglected and is not nice to look at.”

Despite attempting to contact her neighbour, Ken Miles, regarding the situation, she claims Mr Miles does not respond and has been ignoring the problem for years.

Mrs Orgee said: “I have knocked on his door and have sent him multiple letters complaining, but he never answers his door or responds to any of my letters.”

Mrs Ogree alleges she paid £200 in March for a tree surgeon to trim the plant down from her side of the fence, adding: “I have been here for 26 years; it is my home. I do not want to move but I have had enough. It is not my job to cut down his trees or pay to keep it maintained.”

Mrs Orgee says she has had to contact pest control because of rats in her garden and claims it is due to the mess created by Mr Miles.

The Worcester News attempted to contact Mr Miles but he was unavailable to comment.