WORCESTER Street Cafe volunteers are to meet with city council chiefs to prevent a repeat of the recent row in which they were given parking tickets.

And a spokesman for the authority has now confirmed the tickets have been cancelled.

Last week volunteers from the cafe, that serves meals to homeless people, reacted with anger to £70 fixed penalty notices that were handed to them for being parked on double yellow lines.

The two volunteers had been operating the street cafe in Copenhagen Street, near the old fire station, and were unloading food for the cafe when the tickets were issued.

But Worcester City Council said wardens had asked volunteers to move their cars to a nearby car park before issuing the tickets. And a spokesman for the authority said in one case the request was refused and in another a vehicle had been left unattended in an illegally parked position.

The issuing of the tickets sparked a massive debate between readers on Worcester News' website and social media, with some arguing common sense should have been used and tickets not given, while others said the law is clear and had to apply to everyone.

A spokesman for the authority said the tickets were stopped, after the situation was reviewed.

And the spokesman for Worcester City Council said: "The managing director (David Blake) will be meeting with the charity to discuss the arrangements in regards to the operation of the street cafe."

Sharon Multani, who runs the Worcester Street Cafe, said: "The council has confirmed tickets were cancelled on Monday.

"We are meeting up with the council to find a permanent solution. We are grateful (for the tickets being stopped) it is really positive.

"And moving forward we want a positive relationship."

Announcing the news to the charity's supporters, in a now deleted post, Worcester Street Cafe wrote on Facebook: "I love you all.

"I have received a call from David Blake's office. He has reviewed the matter and cancelled the parking fines. "I have a meeting with him on April 25 where he would like to discuss a proper solution, leading to a positive relationship with us in the future. Result."

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