EMPLOYEES are being invited to ‘lock up their boss’ for a light-hearted fundraising challenge in support of St Richard’s Hospice.

Managers from across the county will be chained to the railings of Worcester’s historic Guildhall on Friday, May 10.

They will be ‘taken into custody’ at 10am where their mug shot and finger prints will be taken. They will be trailed for their fictitious crime and and participants will be charged with calling on friends and family to try and raise £500 in bail money for their freedom.

Among those signed-up for the challenge is city Mayor, Councillor Jabba Riaz. “I’m taking part because it’s fun, raises charity for a good cause, gets people talking about the Guildhall and St Richard’s and gets key businesses involved too,” said Cllr Riaz.

Ria Simons, hospice fundraiser, said: “This is set to be a fantastic challenge in support of our hospice care and we can’t wait to see all the ‘convicts’ raising money at such an iconic building."

To get involved with the Jail and Bail' challenge visit strichards.org.uk/jail-bail